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The D-Y Police Services Unit, in partnership with is parent and other outside agencies offers a variety of programs focused on the enrichment of students, school faculty and administrators as well as police personnel.


Description: Description: Citizen Police Academy - GoldCitizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is an eight week course designed to provide you, the citizen, with a working knowledge of your police department.


Instructors present a wide range of topics during the course. Where possible, hands-on techniques are used to maximize the experience.  This Citizen Police Academy is not meant to be a spectator sport.  We expect students to participate so that we may learn as much from you as we hope you will learn from us. The Citizen Police Academy meets one evening a week for the duration of its run. Classes run from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  We require a commitment from all of our students. Students are only allowed to miss a maximum of three classes and still graduate. 


Topics covered include, The Patrol Division, Criminal & Constitutional Law, Police Telecommunications & 911, Officer Survival – Use Of Deadly Force & Defensive Tactics, The Detectives Division, SWAT & Crisis Negations Youth Services the School Resource Officer, and other topics.


If you have any questions or are interested in joining an upcoming Citizen Police Academy class, please contact us.


Yarmouth Police

Citizen Police Academy


Officer Nicholas Pasquarosa, Director

Dennis Police

Citizen Police Academy


Police Apprentice Program

The Police Apprentice Program is a cooperative practical learning experience conducted cooperatively between the School to Career/Work Based Learning department of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and area law enforcement agencies. Started in 1998 with the Yarmouth Police Department the program includes the following requirements and experiences.


1.  Attend Work Based Learning class at D-Y High School

2.  Participate in an internship at police headquarters

3.  Attend and complete the Citizen Police Academy


What Are The Benefits?

Compared to many of young people, who are still undecided about any career, Police Apprentice Program candidates have chosen the highly competitive field of law enforcement.  This decision demonstrates an outstanding level of initiative and maturity at a relatively early time in your life.  It is not uncommon for hundreds of candidates to apply for a single law enforcement position.  Quality experiences can mean the difference between getting hired and waiting years for the next hiring process to begin.  Participating in the Police Apprentice Program can easily tip the scales in their favor.  This opportunity to observe, experience and network will help in two important ways.  First, you will be able to decide if law enforcement is right choice before committing to years of study and financial obligations.  Second, candidates will begin to build a quality resume.


As promising as a candidate may look on paper, pursuing a career in law enforcement takes commitment. Candidates will need to be committed to the process, actively searching for employment opportunities, regardless of the location.  They will be required to commit themselves to becoming the best candidate possible by obtaining the finest education and experiences available.  


The rules and regulations for the Police Apprentice Program were adapted directly from those that govern the daily operations of the sworn officers of the Yarmouth Police Department.  As the Police Apprentice will be granted unprecedented access to the inner workings of professional and progressive law enforcement, he or she is expected to comply with these mandates.   Today’s police officer is expected to be a highly proficient constitutional technician and have the ability to apply the correct amount of force in the most fluid of hazardous situations.  


During their junior and/or senior year at Dennis-Yarmouth High School candidates will undergo an immersion education, privileged to a world others only see on television.  They are instructed to be alert, ask questions, try everything, and embrace this opportunity.


Police Apprentice Program - Mission Statement

It is the mission and express desire of the Yarmouth Police Department to work cooperatively with Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School to provide a positive and comprehensive educational opportunity for the young people of our community.  The joining of professional police instructors and skilled educators will equip the highly motivated student participant in the Police Apprentice Program with a considerable advantage over his or her peers.  It is our goal to provide this advantage through the broadening of understanding and exposure to new concepts, issues, and experiences surrounding the complexities of public service through law enforcement.


Description: Description: uncle SamRecognition of Military Enlistees

Each year since 2006 Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, through the School Resource Officers of the Police Service Unit, has acknowledged graduating seniors who have volunteered to join the United States Armed Forces.  Graduate-enlistees are called forward and recognized before the student body, faculty, staff and patents at the “Awards Night” ceremony on the Thursday before graduation.  The remarks delivered preceding each presentation and the names of the enlistees are available on our “Sheepdogs” page.  The term “Sheepdogs” is explained in the remarks delivered to the Class of 2006.

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School Resource Officers’ Network

The CCRELC School Resource Officers’ Network serves as a mechanism where the various SROs on Cape Cod and Nantucket can share information and expertise on recent juvenile crime trends and strategies for prevention, intervention and response.  D-Y P.D. serves as the point of contact for the SRO Network.


The Cape Cod Regional Law Enforcement Council was created in 2002 by the chiefs of police of the fifteen towns on Cape Cod.  The purpose of the CCRLEC is to enable its member agencies to share resources during those times that a single agency may not have sufficient resources to respond to unusual occurrences such as natural or man-made disasters, school or workplace violence, aircraft accidents, major police deployments during special events and other situations requiring exceptional police actions. The Nantucket Police Department and Barnstable County Sherriff’s Office are also member agencies. 


Dennis-Yarmouth Police Explorers

Cape Cod & Islands Council Post 1

The Police Explorer Program is an integral part of the larger Police Apprentice Program, conceived as a recruiting tool for the parent agencies, the Yarmouth Police and Dennis Police Departments.


The purpose of establishing this Explorer Post is to cultivate potential in local candidates for future recruitment to fulltime employment by the Yarmouth or Dennis Police Departments. The goal of the Explorer Post is to serve as one step along a path leading to an intermediate reserve police appointment, informed choices in higher education, and potentially leading the best candidates to a position as sworn police officers. 


Post 1 is a quadumvirate partnership of the Yarmouth Police, the Dennis Police, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School, and the Yarmouth-Dennis Community Emergency Response Team.